Anyone who has experienced the Bushveld, knows the lure of the fireplace.

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Selkit Diller created this stunning fire, to my rather demanding requirements.

Creating a video of the fire was inspired by Ordinal Malaprop, see previous post for details. However, creating this video turned into a bit of a mission. As a Mac user the only real capture utility available is Snapz Pro X. But importing SPX's DV Stream output (or any other format) into iMovie (05) really mangles the video and produces horrible results.

After much googling and experimentation I finaly managed to find a reasonable process. It isn't perfect, but I think you'll agree that the output is pretty decent. Unfortunately I have nowhere to host a 640x480 and 'better' quality video at present.

The next step is to document the various tools and settings I found to work well. But that is a post for another day.

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Ordinal Malaprop

recently posted A Trip around the Lighthouse.

Before reading this article I didn't know that Second Life makes it so easy to capture video footage. Since I now believe that making short video clips of the Bushveld would make interesting content for this blog.

My first attempts at capturing video were poor. I also learnt that the built in video capture does not capture sound, yet. A google later brought Eric Linden's Top 10 Machinima Tips to my attention.

The next step is to actually try out all these tips and see what I can produce. My first 'project' is to capture the fantastic fireplace that has already been build in the Bushveld Boma.

Thanks Malaprop

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Hiding the simulator's edge

was difficult to do. In a previous post I mentioned the fact that all simulators' boundaries are water. This is a real problem when you are simulating a land-locked environment such as the Bushveld.

My first attempt at solving this was asking Linden Labs to replace the default water texture with a 'land' texture. Rather disappointingly, they couldn't help.

This left me with two options.

The first was to build a wall around the simulator. I gave up on this option as I couldn't build the wall with sufficient textural variation or high enough. It was also using up way to many prims.

The second, which is currently in place, was to raise the land at the edges of the simulator. This works reasonably well, but the effect is spoilt whenever an avatar flies high enough to see over it.

Even though I could overcome this by making the Bushveld a no-fly simulator, I decided against it. Losing the ability to fly in Second Life is very inconvenient.

This process took a couple of weeks and even though the Bushveld was progressing, it was happening very slowly.

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Happy Days!

Linden Labs delivered the Bushveld Simulator/Island.

With much excitement I logged in and teleported to the SIM. My first impression was that it was small, very small.

I'd already spent time planning the layout of the Bushveld, but was astonished by how long it took me to level this "small" bit of land. Even with the help of a land levelling script it still took me hours to flatten the land. (Uploading of RAW files support only came much later in the year).

The next thing I did was rez one of the animals I'd bought and set it free to wander. It took off, straight at the simulator and was returned to my inventory. It had gone off world! Luckily for me this wasn't the mainland else I'd never have gotten it back.

This made borders a priority. Has anyone else tried to make the default water around a simulator less noticeable for a non-Island theme?

Definately a topic for another day.

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Now that I had a premium account,

I coveted land.

Wasting no time, and maybe a little recklessly, I placed and order for an Island (aka SIM) and was pleasantly surprised when I was notified by Linden Labs that it would be ready within a few weeks.

Seeing as I had a whole Island on the way I decided to use my parcel of First Land, maybe turn a quick buck. Having read about unscrupulous realtors I rather hesitantly bought my allotted 512 sq. m. worth of First Land. (For a whole L$512)

Within 5 minutes of buying this plot of land I had an offer for purchasing it at L$1500 and free rental for a month. Knowing that the value of land was approximately L$5.50 per sq.m. I declined and set the for sale price at L$4999. (Call me greedy)

I wasn't paying any "additional" tier on it so placed a few of my " free to copy" particle effect statues on it and returned to Starry's land to help assemble the house I hadn't finished yet.

A couple of days later I realised my balance had grown substantially and teleported to my plot of first land. The plot had been bought and a huge house was spanning it and a few others in the vicinity.

I was convinced that making money in Second Life would be easy. I was to learn the error of my ways, but then that is always the way, isn't it?

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